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I love my lessons and I am improving greatly! They keep it interesting and fun but they still teach at a high level. They teach me how to acheive my goals. They are friendly and helpful if you have trouble.

B. Gattis 2/25/14

Why Choose Us?

Family Friendly Location.

Rehearsal space for our bands and choirs.

No Fake Teachers

All teachers are experts on the instruments they teach. Master's Degree or conservatory training required to teach at Precedence.

Help in selecting the best instrument fit.

Pro Recording for Auditions and Demos

No Gimmicks, lies, or exaggerations

Teachers you can trust to keep your best interest at heart.

What our students have to say:

Our son greatly enjoys his class every week!

Mr Carls maintains our son's love of music while he teaches reading and the correct way to play.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for the piano lessons our son receives at Precedence Music Academy.

K Austin 2/27/14

Jordan Carls has worked with us from our first phone call to introduce Ben to the Saxophone. His feedback to Ben and my Husband and me has been very useful in guiding us with instruments, practice, development. Ben enjoys his lessons and is excited to try the next new thing he is learning!

S. Porter 2/25/14

About three years ago my son’s piano teacher explained to me that although she would love to keep teaching him she knew that her experience with jazz was limited. My son had become interested in jazz through our school’s jazz band and was ready to move on. A previous band teacher suggested Jordan Carls.

My son has not always been the easiest child to get along with or teach. Regardless, he and Jordan hit it off right away and Jordan immediately moved to the top of my son’s favorite person list.

Jordan has a gentle, friendly, but firm way of teaching. He also places expectations upon his students. His knowledge of music is amazing and his natural musical talent is so refreshing. Because of this he quickly earned the respect of my son, and not only that, but our whole family has grown to admire and appreciate Jordan’s teaching gifts and his music. Jordan helped my son successfully make it into several honor bands by helping to get him ready for the tryout and then use his studio to create the recording.

My son has now graduated and moved away to college. He was able to land a one-half tuition music scholarship based on a live jazz piano tryout. Jordan has been a huge help in his growth in this area. I now have a freshman in high school who is a bari saxophone player. She has started taking lessons from Jordan and she is loving it!

I highly recommend Jordan Carls as a teacher and role model.

J. Mulford